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Diva on Dimes

Laser Spa

 Diva on Dimes will analyze  your skin and discuss  options available to customize  the plan to fit your needs. We have Physicians  to support our team with the best innovative ways to keep you  looking young and radiant.

Our Service

Laser Hair Removal

Can you imagine not having to shave? Or after a hair cut the back of your neck stays hairless. 25% of hair gets reduced with treatments.

Body Conturing 

Adding that extra to your workout. Using radio frequency or ultra sounds can assist in shaping your desires into reality.

EMS and Tens machines that are designed to add muscle quicker.

Skin Tightening

You can be healthy and yet your skin still needs help to stay tight and Youthful.

Different methods are proven to keep that youthful fresh look.

Utilizing different treatments together and  can make the difference in your appearance.



Drop by or give us a call

Let us help you find the best version of yourslef  !

Evolution Strength   13457    149 street

North West Edmonton

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