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About Us

Our Story

After taking classes and working in the beauty industry, Althea Clemence rented a room in White Rock British Columbia. Frustrated by the prices and the lack of results of treatments in the industry," I wondered if there was a better way".  Realizing  programs and frequency of treatments is the best way to receive and maintain results. I set out to make the treatments less painful and more affordable. I believe at this point I have achieved that but of course there is always room for improvement.

Our Process

Skin tightening is a process that increases collagen that helps you keep that youthful appearance. Our process is to combined treatments specific to your needs.  For example dark spots on your skin may not respond to the retinol and vitamin C topicals.  You need laser whitening ,  a topical and a micro needling  to color correct .  That would cost a lot but you can bundle with us and save time, money and speed up results.

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